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The Emulin Story With Dr. Joseph Ahrens

Developed by two-time Nobel Prize nominated scientist, Dr. Joe Ahrens, who often said, that if Emulin was discovered 50 years ago, it would have been classified as a vitamin.

The original discovery was identifying the natural compounds found in fruits and vegetables, that help support the body’s natural ability to manage sugar. We call these compounds “sugar chaperones”. The challenge is, there are not enough of these chaperones available in our modern varieties of fruits and vegetables. Further still, what is left is removed during excessive food processing. Sugar, without the chaperones—whether table sugar, potatoes, pasta, breads – may result in many health challenges as time goes on. There is simply no way around it—without the availability of these sugar chaperones, you need to supplement your diet to optimize digestion. In fact, it is our belief that this is the very reason we potentially suffer from these health challenges and putting these chaperones back into your diet at the proper levels, may support the body’s own natural process to handle these important issues.

Emulin, consists of a group of flavonoids, that is missing in our diet that is essential to our health. It is a vitamin-like compound that has a positive effect of carbohydrate/sugar metabolism. It is a patented, revolutionary discovery that took 12 years of research, and thus two Nobel Prize nominations. Both Emulin C and Emulin M support sugar management, the immune and inflammatory system. Emulin C is focused on sugar management and Emulin M is geared towards tackling out of control inflammation.


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